LED Lighting
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Better spotlight, better life

12W Spot Light -AR111

  1. Indoor lighting for residential use, Equivalent to traditional bulbs.
  2. Lifetime: >20,000 hrs
  3. Light source: Unity Opto Technology / Harvatek Corporation / LEXTAR. Or business same level
  4. Health protection: no UV/IR; more comfortable for vision
  5. Environmental protection: zero Mercury; lower CO2 emission
  6. Energy saving: electricity saving rate more than 80%; lower burden on air-conditioner
  7. Durability: reinforced plastic and metal body design; breakage resistance
  8. Lighting convenience: instant lighting-on with no flickering
  9. Easy to use: compatible with general lamp-socket
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Model No  
Input Voltage AC100V~240V 50/60HZ
Light Source LED12PCS
Power consumption 12W
Color Temperature 3000-3300°K 6000-6300°K
Color Rendering Index RA80 (Typical)
Power factor 0.9 (Typical)
Lampshade Diffusion
luminous Flux 960Lm (Typical) 1080Lm (Typical)
Operating temperature -10 to +45°C
Operating Humidity 20% ~ 90% RH Non-condensing
Lifetime 50000Hrs
Fixture Material Aluminum / PC
Dimension 205*205mm
Mounting holes 165*165mm
Weight 0.5Kg
Environment Protection RoHS
Safety Certification CE
Integration of multiple high brightness SMD LED

high energy savings, more than 80% saving to incandescent lights, more than 60% saving to fluorescence light.

Packed by special process, sturdy and durable, life time is over 30000 hours

Health protection: no UV/IR; no thermal radiation and Mercury pollution-

As for cold light source, LED light will not cause the color fading on the article by lighting.

Using high qulity light guard, soft light color, high lighting efficiency.

Hight Color Rendering Index,the most intuitive and the most clearly showing, and color temperature is adjustable.

Fast response, no strobe light ,small light glaring, immediately output max. luminous flux once light on.

Rigid lighting resource,high aseismatic, easy for transport and setup, high security.

High light directivity, and easy to control the light to enhance the lighting system efficiency.

Design is very novelty and fashion, integration construction design make the setup is much more easy, and much more technology elements and humanistic design.

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