LED Lighting
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LED Lighting

MR16 5W

  1. Indoor lighting for Shop use, Equivalent to traditional Light Cup.
  2. Lifetime: >20,000 hrs
  3. Light source: Unity Opto Technology / Harvatek Corporation / LEXTAR. Or business same level
  4. Health protection: no UV/IR; more comfortable for vision
  5. Environmental protection: zero Mercury; lower CO2 emission
  6. Energy saving: electricity saving rate more than 80%; lower burden on air-conditioner
  7. Durability: reinforced plastic and metal body design; breakage resistance
  8. Lighting convenience: instant lighting-on with no flickering
  9. Easy to use: compatible with general lamp-socket
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Model No MR161205-33A MR161205-63A
Input Voltage AC&DC 12V
Light Source Hi-Power LED 1W*5PCS
Power consumption 5W Ref.
Color Temperature 3000-3300°K 6000-6300°K
Color Rendering Index RA72 (Typical)
Power factor 0.5 (Typical)
Lampshade Lens
luminous Flux 490Lm (Typical) 550Lm (Typical)
Operating temperature -10 to +40°C
Operating Humidity 20% ~ 90% RH Non-condensing
Lifetime (壽命) 20000Hrs
Fixture Material Aluminum / PC
Dimension 50 x 52mm
Weight 44g
Environment Protection RoHS
Safety Certification CE

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