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AC/DC Desk Top Adapter

YY Power was established in 1976, from small transformers (such as audio transformers) to electronic transformers, linear rectifiers, switching power supplies (also known as AC/DC power supplies or switching converters), and later developments Lead-acid battery chargers, etc., are all committed to developing the best products that conform to the trend of science and technology and meet the needs of customers. In addition, Yingyu Electronics has improved after-sales service and a customer-oriented service attitude. Seek higher customer satisfaction.

Why choose Yingyu Electronics' power supply? Because our products have the following advantages: high quality and stable quality, safety certification, high safety, good performance, and customized.

The AC/DC power supply has the following models to choose from: 1W/5W / 10W / 15W / 18W / 24W / 36W / 45W / 65W / 72W/80W/120W

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