Company History


Our Company was established in 1976, beginning from Audio transformers manufacturing and then developing Power transformers, adapters, power supply and some other more sophisticated components designing and manufacturing. Because of customer’s requirements, we also had designed a ring bell for telephone use and applied for international patent.

Because the demand from the transformer market was developing rapidly, the employees of our company increased from 50 to more than 400.

In 1992, in order to coordinate with our customer’s oversea developments, we established a branch office, Chin Tang Electronic, and a factory in Shan Hai, China, dealing with cord set assembling and oversea trading affairs.

Since 1995, because of the trend of electronic market, we had decided to invest in both factories in Xia Men and Hui Zhou (China), to keep supplying our customers with transformers, adapters and other components.

In 1998, because of the needs for increasing our production capacity in China, we had concentrated our
efforts in the Hui Zhou factory, investing manufacturing and test equipments, establishing a complete quality assurance system, and all the efforts had been rewarded with the production approval by TUV and so on.

From year 1998 we have started to develop and design battery chargers for lead-acid batteries and since 2000 , CSB the one of the largest battery companies in the world , has become one of our major accounts and business partners.

Now, our next effort is to not only keep providing better products and services to our customers, but also try to make efforts in pollution prevention, providing our offspring with a better, cleaner environment.