Factory Information

Considering our supply chain strategy, we have invested in factories in both Taiwan and Mainland China, so that we are able to be more flexible for our lead-time and production capacity.
Area China: Hui Zhou / Taiwan: Nan Gang
Factory Size 6,500 Square Meters
Investment in Equipments $6,000,000~8,000,000 USD
No. Of Staff China: 500 / Taiwan: 100~250
Production Line China: 5 / Taiwan: 2
Monthly Capacity (Adaptors) China: 250,000~300,000 pcs
Taiwan: 50,000~70,000 pcs
Services OEM/ ODM

Location Advantages

Our products can be manufactured in Taiwan or China, basically based on the amounts of ordering and customer’s locations.


All of the materials are purchased from locally or Taiwan. Our factories can also acquire materials from particular suppliers by requests.